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British Antarctic Territory: A Listing of archaeological remains of UCH

March 2022

Grytviken Whaling Station c2000 before the re-floating of the whale-catchers (Royal Navy/UKHO)

List of Figures:

  • Figure 1: Grytviken Whaling Station before the refloating of the whale-catchers (Royal Navy/UKHO)
  • Figure 2: Charles Shearer Site Plan as drawn by HMS Endurance in 1999
  • Figure 3: Charles Shearer Site General View in 1970 (Commander Burley)
  • Figure 4 Charles Shearer site in 1970 (Commander Burley)
  • Figure 5: The Bayard in 2010 (wikicommons)
  • Figure 6: Contemporary image of Tioga, possibly by William Moyes (Courtesy Robert Burton)
  • Figure 7: The Guvernøren, highlighting significant interaction from tourist activity (Mal Haskins)
  • Figure 8: The Guvernøren, detail of surviving deck equipment. Note collapsing deck (Jerry Sutton)
  • Figure 9: Sports divers on the Guvernøren (Oceanwide Expeditions)
  • Figure 10. Photograph of a wreck at Grytviken in 1926. Captioned as “Gudrun” but more probably the Fortuna after 10 years on the rocks at King Edward Point. (Scan courtesy South Georgia Museum)
  • Figure 11: The Waterboat in it’s shoreline position c1960s (courtesy Robert Burton)
  • Figure 12: Brutus as she appeared c1990 (After Craigie-Halkett 2004: 189)
  • Figure 13: James Turpie.c1915 (Courtesy and Copyright Edinburgh University Library)
  • Figure 14: LN-ORK at Capetown in 1953 shortly before joing Norhval. (Cpl Ralph Harding)
  • Figure 15: Southern Hunter seen soon after grounding (UKHO)
  • Figure 16: Southern Hunter abandoned at Deception Island and partially stripped c1960
  • Figure 17: Southern Hunter stern section c2004 (Courtesy Robert Burton)
  • Figure 18:Southern Hunter bow section c2010 (Courtesy Andy Willett)
  • Figure 19: A similar Christian Salvesen WS-55 seen in 1960 before deploying on Southern Harvester (Ian MacFarlane)
  • Figure 20: N502 after the accident (
  • Figure 21:Karrakatta on the slip at Husvik (Robert Burton)
  • Figure 22: MMS 213 newly converted as Southern Peter at Southampton c1948 (Giles Richardson Collection)
  • Figure 23: Leith Harbour and unidentified whale-catcher wreck (Andy Willett)
  • Figure 24: Albatros (L) and Dias (R) after refloating in 2013 (Andy Willett)
  • Figure 25: Albatros (L) and Dias (R) in 1995 before refloating (Andy Willett)
  • Figure 26: The Fenix in 2012 (UKHO)
  • Figure 27: Petrel (Andy Willett)
  • Figure 28: The well preserved bow of Louise prior to 1987 – note the baulk ports cut in 1880 to allow the loading of timber in the Baltic (Robert Burton)
  • Figure 29: The Louise seen at low tide in 2015
  • Figure 30: The wooden boat on Cuverville Island (Andy Willet)
  • Figure 31: Waterboat at Mikkelsen Harbour (Andy Willett)
  • Figure 32: Floating Dock partially buried at Deception Island (Andy Willett)
  • Figure 33: One of five waterboats on Whalers Bay Beach (Robert Burton)
  • Figure 34: Wooden Whaler on Half Moon Island (Andy Willett)
  • Figure 35: Detail of one of the Oddharbour boats (Richard Burton)
  • Figure 36: Waterboats at Godthul (Robert Burton)
  • Figure 37: The Wooden Whaler as it currently rests on the Flensing Plan (Andy Willett)