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Coronation Geophysical Survey

This project, funded by English Heritage, was undertaken jointly by MAST and the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Maritime Archaeological Society (CISMAS). Promare UK was sub-contracted to conduct the magnetometer survey and Swathe Services to conduct a multibeam survey using the new ultra-high resolution 700 kHz Sonic 2024 multibeam sonar from R2Sonic.

The Coronation was a 90-gun second rate, built in 1685 by Isaac Betts at Portsmouth dockyard as one of the 1677 thirty-ships programme. On the 3rd September 1691 after patrolling for the French fleet, the English Fleet made for Plymouth. The Coronation foundered in a strong south easterly gale whilst trying to round Penlee Point with a loss of all but 13 of her crew, including the captain, Charles Skelton.

The Coronation Protected wreck site consists of two designated areas: Inshore (designated 1988) & Offshore (designated 1978). The area in between these two protected sites is known as the "Intermediate" site wherein lies an unverified scatter of archaeological material.

The aim of the survey, by way of high resolution multibeam, magnetometer and side-scan sonar survey, was to produce a site plan of geo-referenced targets of both designated sites and the Intermediate area. The principal objectives were to: survey and identify the extent of the unverified scatter of archaeological material between the two designated areas; survey additional exposed material within the designated areas; and produce a structured record of field observations, in order to allow a further decision-orientated investigation of the project area.

An edited version of the report is available to download from this website. Both English Heritage and the Licensed Team have a full copy of the report with the accompanying DVD containing geophysical data and images.